Detailed Task List to Arrange Conversion

Free AVI/WMV/MP4/FLV/3GP to iPad Converter provides a window with most detailed info of listed video, in which users can add more files or remove any of the tasks. You can rearrange the order that files are converted with the "Move Up/Down" button.

Fact: Some other iPad converters do not provide you a list with those specific information - you can see nothing from their list but some file names. Instead, our iPad video converter offers so many things beyond your expectation.


After you input the video, the converter displays the list with every tiny piece of info that may come handy for you: image preview, file location, duration, resolution, frame rate, buttons to add more files, remove any or all of the listed tasks, rearrange the orders of the conversion and even play the input video with the media player in your system.

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