How Does It Work in Detail?

Maybe you've already have some experience with some other iPad video converting programs - some of them might be really a disaster as the inefficient conversion caused by the complicated interface design, low resolution, conversion speed as slow as a snail, untold bugs & problems, etc.

Stop tolerating those time-eating "tools"- our iPad video converter application would be perfect for any user. The simple one-click interface, optional output format and numerous quality presets makes the video to iPad conversion as simple as 1, 2, 3.

As Easy as Brewing a Coffee!

1. Input Video and the Converter Gets It Playable on iPad

ANY video resource you can get - Yes, ANY, can be input to our converter: downloaded video clips, MTVs, homemade video created by digital camcorder, 3GP files shared from your friends' mobile phone, HD/SD movie collection ripped from DVDs... You get your videos from various resources, in numerous formats, but same as iPod and iPhone, iPad only supports video in MP4 format. It's a pity if you cannot play these cool stuff on iPad - our video to iPad converter is totally designed to solve this pickle: it converts EVERYTHING to MP4.

2. No Experience? No problem! Just 3 Steps to Be the PRO

About the operation, just EASY! I bet you can hardly find a converter tools as simple as ours. The interface is designed with ease of use in mind and you can see all the buttons you need. The converter is totally a WIZARD. It provides some detailed what-to-do in every step, although you may not need this. If you want more specific guidance, find them in "Help" content or on our site. Follow the wizard and click "Next" for a complete conversion: Input video, choose output settings & convert, done!

3. The Converter Helps You Arrange the Conversion

The converter provides a detailed task window with all the video you input listed, displaying an image preview of each file. There are also other information about filename, file location, duration, bit rate and resolution. These infos help you decide which one to convert first or last. If you can't wait for some long duration movies and just want some short video to be converted, you can rearrange the order to meet your schedule.

4. Just Simply Decide "Where" & "What" to Output

You can choose the output location but it also provides a button to open the output folder in case you don't remember. What's the purpose you convert the video for? To enjoy them in you iPad/iPod/iPhone? To watch them with a media player program? Or just backup the videos in your harddisk? It provides 2 tabs of output formats: Video & Devices. You can choose a format as needed from a tab.

5. Inspect the Progress and Specify Post-process Operation

During the conversion, if you want to know how the converter is doing, it provides detailed status info with path and name of the file being converted, the estimated time that the conversion would take, the elapsed time, the time left & the progress percentage. There is also a process bar. With these features, you can easily inspect the conversion progress. You can choose the post-process operations: auto play a sound immediately when the conversion is finished - you don't want to wait? Just check the other option to auto shutdown your computer.

That's how it works! No fee and no strings attached. As a safe and easy iPad video converter, it simplifies the complicated video conversion and makes it achievable for almost anyone.

Download this powerful iPad converter right now and get your iPad video conversion more costless and efficient.